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“Fall Times = Stand Up Times”

...from a Japanese proverb


if you can see this photo it means a lot!
It means that you are here, now! You are alive, your life goes on and you must appreciate it!
It means that your life has brought you to this moment, to this day, to this situation. Since you have managed to come so far, you are about to witness greater days.
It means that all the other lives you could possibly have lived have been erased either by accident, by choice, by chance or something Greater.
There are numerous factors that determine your future. You can only affect a small portion of these factors. However, you must do your best.
You are left with this life. You are here for a reason. Don't waste it. Make the best decisions!
Some people including scientists believe that the choices we make determine our lives.
During our lives we make billions of decisions and choices. How likely do you think is for you to be here again, the same place, same spot, same job, same ideas?I would say that it is highly unlike or impossible!
I have not yet understood how football fans usually say, "We won 3-0 but we would have scored 2 more goals if the 2 penalties were not missed".
Life choices constantly change, and every moment is defined by the outcomes of the past actions.
So, what are the factors that affect our decisions and how we can have greater impact on our lives?
Unlike chess where the rules, moves and domain are finites, human domain is infinite!
Using Artificial Intelligence scientists try to define what can be defined.
Weighted information, factors, sets of rules, classify, optimize, cluster and associate data.
Through a series of various artificial intelligence, machine learning, SERPs, SEO, social media marketing and ethics articles, I'll try to break down technology meanings and concepts.

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.

Nelson Mandela

The Way We Search Defines The Way We Live

Traveling Salesman Problem - A Lifechanging Game

Despite its simplicity this graph describes pretty much the aspects of our lives.
It represents the challenges we are dealing with every moment, weighted factors which affect the decisions we have to make.

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