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"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing." ~ Wernher von Braun

Chatbot Tools Evaluation


Nowadays, chatbots are almost a reality in people’ everyday lives, which is becoming more and more popular as the time passes.  Chatbots’  experts  and  communities  work  continuously  to  add  value  to  these  tools  by  extending  their  features,  implement natural language characteristics and plug-ins and funnel them in many popular conversational social channels.

There  are  plenty  tasks  that  they  could  cover,  but  there  is  a  special  emphasis  on  the  support  part  they  fulfill,  as  complementary  to  the  human  effort.  Since  chatbots  are  an  undeniable  trend,  they  are  also  a  must-have  tool  for  the  organizations.  A  great  part  of  our  research  focused  on  their  utility,  features,  and  capabilities  to  clearly  define  what  someone should expect from such set of tools. Modern chatbot frameworks support many business applications, as they provide  solutions  to  many  critical  activities  of  the  entrepreneurial  spectrum.  Following  our  reference  in  the  relevant  literature and existing chatbot frameworks and in order to facilitate entrepreneurs’ demand to understand, which the right tool is for each one’s needs, our team conducted a chatbot framework comparison to present similarities and differences of each tool to the stakeholders. In order to accomplish such task many qualitative factors and indicators were taken into consideration, so that we would provide a holistic and useful insight. To get this analysis outcome, we came up with a framework proposal that could be readily utilized to provide the data needed from the interested parties. The literature review,  as  well  the  presentation  of  frameworks’  features  and  the  suggested  framework  have  been  analyzed  aiming  to  contribute to the whole entrepreneurial world, but also to provide a step forward to the scientific community. We discussed our findings, while also quoting our research’s results hoping eventually that they will contribute substantially in chatbots’ science.

Gkikas D.C., Theodoridis P.K., Tzavella G., Vlachopoulou G., Kondyli I., Tzioli M. (2020) Chatbot Tools Evaluation. Conference: 8th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues.

Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344345598_Chatbot_Tools_Evaluation.